Vesper (2022)

With endless wonderful set design and consistently stunning cinematography from DoP Feliksas Abrukauskas, Vesper creates a tangible sense of a lived-in world. This is a broken-down planet, full of decay and destruction – the dark greens of rot and the black of death encroach on the surface on a regular basis. But there’s also a strange sense of beauty, a glimpse of what’s gone. It gives rise to a sense of hope in the midst of the bleakness, a kernel of an idea that change for the better is possible.

Overall, the performances are excellent. Chapman is a convincing leader, with a toughness that belies her tender years. But she still embodies adolescent insecurity, and her performance has a touching vulnerability to it. McEwen is also excellent, eliciting an air of mystery without being forced. Marsan is also fantastic, as usual, playing the villain with a commendable sense of moral ambiguity and lending gravitas to the entire film.

Vesper is undeniably inspired by the history of science fiction and genre films, with many of the film’s beats and visuals echoing cinema classics. Nonetheless, Buoyt and Samper manage to put their own spin on the proceedings, resulting in a consistently thought-provoking and immersive experience. Get more Musichq Movies free for streaming in HD print.

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Title: Vesper (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directors: Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper
Writer: Kristina Buozyte, Brian Clark, Bruno Samper
Stars: Raffiella Chapman, Eddie Marsan, Rosy McEwen

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